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Our Stillwaters

Our stillwaters include Pebmarsh Lake, Boley Road Reservoir and new for 2013/14 season Domsey Farm Reservoir.

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Boley Road Lake

     Species Carp mirror, common, ghost and crucian, tench, rudd, roach, perch and bream. The biggest carp reported during 2006/07 season was a 37lb  common. Method This lake fishes very similar to Pebmarsh and both float and ledger work.  In the warmer months surface fishing works wonders with four fish an hour  not uncommon, just don’t fish …

Domsey Farm Reservoir

This is and established lake of 20 years plus, there is a good depth of water near the edge of the lake, dropping to 8 to 10ft in the centre, and the depth is fairly uniform across the lake.   Species A good head of rudd and roach with a head of small carp between …

Pebmarsh Lake

    Species Carp ( Mirror, Common and Crucian ) Roach Rudd, Tench and Bream. Method All methods work well here, ledgering is popular for the larger fish although this is a beautiful lake to float fish. Fish are generally evenly spread and don’t forget the margins. Bait Maggot, caster, bread, corn, worm, paste etc. …