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River Stour Bures – Suffolk


All waters are on the Suffolk bank

A  Little Bevills. Take the road out of Bures towards Sudbury. Turn in the track on the left past the last house from Bures by the 30mph sign, park on the grass triangle on the left. Walk past the allotments down to the river.

Map Reference TL 906 342 to TL 906 345 Left  


B  The Rookery. Park in Bures on the Essex side and walk over the bridge taking the track to the right near the church and down to the river, or on the Suffolk side park in the public car park which is on the right of the road leading out of Bures towards Nayland and walk across the football field to the right.

Map Reference TL 907 337 to TL 907 339 Left


C  Long Meadow Park in the bottom public car park Nayland Road and walk across the football field to the left, for the top end of the stretch park at the bottom end of Claypits Avenue Nayland Road and walk down the track to the river keeping the farm house on the left.

Map Reference TL 907 336 to TL 909 335 Left


D The Plantation. Leave Bures on the Nayland Road drive through the green gate in front of you at the sharp left hand corner, park on the left of the track or on the right in dry weather, making sure you leave room for access along the track. Do not park near the L.A.A. gate. Walk along the river to the water.

Map Reference TL 914 334 to TL 915 335 Left


E  Clickets Meadows. At the same corner as the Plantation drive down the track on the left hand side of the gate following it to the end of the field passing Bures Lake on your right.

Park in the corner, left of the track, in this field. Do not block the gateway; walk through the gate following the edge of the field round to the river, not through the crops.

Map Reference TL 915 332 to TL 919 331 Left