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Club Rules

  1. It shall be the responsibility of each member to respect the private property of Riparian Owners at all times and to maintain a clean and tidy river bank whether on society or other club waters. Leaving litter is the surest way to lose waters, remember this at all times. Any member found with litter (whether theirs or not), at or around their peg, or any member leaving rubbish on any of the land surrounding the water or in the car park, will be liable to expulsion from the club. Every member should assist in keeping the waterside clean and is to report any person failing to do so. Under no circumstances will fires be allowed along the waterside on any property which the Society have the fishing control. In this respect, fires are a danger hazard not only to our fishing rights but also to the public at large. Your Society may have fishing rental or permission, and either can be lost by inconsiderate actions on the part of anglers. BE SURE YOU MAINTAIN YOUR SOCIETY’S HIGH REPUTATION.
  2. Members are forbidden to take dogs with them whilst fishing on any Society water. The presence of guns and the playing of radios or cassettes are strictly prohibited on all Society waters. Mobile Phones, Please respect other anglers and keep essential calls brief and as quiet as possible.
  3. Members must carry their Membership Authority Card where required at all times. Members not in possession of the necessary authorities will be asked to leave the water.
  4. All persons fishing to show their cards  to any Landlord, Committee Member, Club Bailiff or any member of the society when required to do so.
  5. Annual Subscriptions Husband & Wife £90; Senior £65; Junior (16 – 18) £30; Junior (under 16 years) £15;  Senior Citizens 65 & over £45; Husband & Wife Senior Citizens £60.  Guest Tickets Adult £7; Junior & Senior Citizens £4. (Only two guest tickets per member on production of a club card or number.)The only exception to this being by special consent of the committee, The aforesaid guest must also be accompanied by the member on the water at all times. Any person fishing on a guest ticket is not eligible to fish club matches or for club trophies.
  6. Cups and prizes are only awarded to fish caught on waters open to all members, any fish weighed in must be witnessed by an adult member. In the event of two fish of equal weight, a fish weighed on club scales would take preference. (This includes outings.)
  7. All cups and trophies must be returned by March 1st or earlier.
  8. Members must take care not to leave gates open, interfere with stock, or damage trees, fences, hedges etc. Particular care must be taken not to damage hay and crops.
  9. No junior member (under 16 years of age) to fish Pebmarsh unless accompanied by a responsible adult. The only exception to this in compliance of rule 22 at Pebmarsh.
  10. No Members shall be permitted to take away from Society Waters or kill any fish.
  11. Any member using keepnets when fishing waters under the control of, or being used by the Society MUST ensure that it conforms to the MINIMUM standards, depth 2mtr., diameter of all rings 45cms., which must be plastic and the mesh must be knotless.
  12. No bait to be discarded in to the water at the end of a fishing session.
  13. Camping is not allowed on Society Waters.
  14. The breaking of any Society Rule can result in the withdrawal of membership at the discretion of the Committee.
  15. No baited rods to be left unattended.
  16. No Bait Boats to be used on any club water. (amendment to rules June2013)
  17. No night fishing, or anyone to be at a club water prior to 30 mins., before sunrise or more than 30 mins., after sunset. A further 15 minutes period is allowed to vacate the car park.A precise list of times is in this book.
  18. The use of nuts and the use of live baits are banned on all club waters. Bloodworm & Joker are only allowed on open & interclub matches. Boilies are allowed on all waters as a hook bait ONLY.
  19. Up to and including size 12 – Only barbless and whisker barb hooks to be used – size 10 and larger MUST be whisker bard.
  20. A keepnet ban can be implemented on any water at any time at the discretion of the committee. No carp (with the exception of crucian) to be kept in keepnets or carp sacks, the only exception to this being at matches, at the discretion of the Match Secretary.
  21. Keepnet ban on all waters from 15th March to 15th June inclusive, except on matches.
  22. Senior Juniors will this year be allowed to fish Pebmarsh  unaccompanied as a trial, however any juniors doing so must strictly adhere to the rules, failure to do so will result in expulsion from the water and their club card will also be taken, and will only be returned after applying to the committee.
  23. No more than 2 rods / poles to be fished with at anyone time.
  24. No fixed rigs to be used that will leave the fish captive if the line breaks.
  25. Every member must have a landing net with them at the swim they are fishing, and unhooking mats to be carried and used on ALL waters at ALL times.The committee recommends the use of 1kg of ground bait per day as a maximum. We would also like to see sensible use of the loose feeding of high protein hook baits such as trout pellets, luncheon meat etc. Several commercial fisheries have banned these baits.

Members please be aware of rule 4 and please use this rule if you see a problem or contact a committee member your actions could save us a water.