Copy of the club and match rules

Club Rules

It shall be the responsibility of each member to respect the private property of Riparian Owners at all times and to maintain a clean and tidy river bank whether on society or other club waters. Leaving litter is the surest way to lose waters, remember this at all times. Any member found with litter (whether …

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Fishing Times 2018

The following is a list of times to allow you to comply with rule 16 The dates are Saturdays and the times are the earliest and latest you may be at a club water during the following week. You are allowed a further 15 minutes to vacate the water. Day a.m p.m   Day a.m …

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Match Rules

See Club Handbook

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Health & Safety Information

Colnes Angling Society   Safety & Risk Assessment Statement As advised by our insurers   General Risks Associated with Angling       Animals – Rats, Cattle, Horses, Sheep may be encountered. Cows – especially with calves and bulls can be unpredictable and hence dangerous – approach them with due caution.   Banks – Be …

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