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BLOG #2 Foxearth Fishery – It ain’t getting any warmer! Dec 27th 2020

We decided a change was needed from the club waters, plus the fact that Foxearth Fishery is only about 3 minutes from my house, made it all the more inviting. Getting to the lake about 10.30am the car park was fairly busy as you’d expect during the holiday season, cold as it is.

The area I wanted to fish was clear, peg 27 newly formed peg earlier in the year, this is on the pleasure/match lake (right hand pond as you come through the gate) always fancied this area as you can reach the far bank with a 14m pole and no one can fish opposite. The pegs are close together on this lake so having a clear bank in front of me was definitely an edge.

By what I could make out there was very little being caught around the lake, but it was cold and got colder as the day went on, so no surprise there.

I didn’t take that much bait with me, about half a pint of maggots and some steamed and rolled white bread (I’ve always done it that way) to punch for “dobbing” I doubted I’d need much anyway.

My steamed bread – rolled and ready

John fished a few pegs to my left and concentrated on pole and maggots at about 7m, this produced fish straight away, small roach, welcome on such a chilly day, he always gets started before me, cheating I call it!.

I set up two pole rigs one at depth 4×12 Preston chianti with a Guru LWG 18’s hook to 0.11 – 6” hooklength and the other was a 4×10 float (make unknown) carbon stem type set about 8” off the bottom with a Guru F1 pellet hook to 0.10 – 6” hooklength. Both rigs had Preston Dura Slip 11 elastic (green) with puller kits fitted. This might seem big for the “Dobbing rig” but this elastic works fantastic down to 0.10 and fine hooks, and don’t forget the Carp can be rather big here!

I started by carefully plumbing the depth, I didn’t want to go to far across in case there were some Carp lurking in the cover on the far bank, so I stopped at about 13.5m and guessed the rest, but to be honest this lake is pretty uniform right from close in to the far side, so I knew I had it spot on or thereabouts at least. I put a small pole pot on the depth rig topkit in case I wanted to drip a few maggots in later on. Looking across there wasn’t any signs of fish, big or small. I saw some small fish topping in front of John but nothing where I was, he was obviously on a shed load….

I picked up the dobbing rig with a view to check out that far side cover, 6mm punch on the hook, I shipped out straight in front of me at 14m, most of the shotting was under the float and 3 No.12’s strung out below, a nice natural fall of the bread through the water (well that’s what I hoped anyway) I moved the rig slightly to the left after a minute or so and then to the right, again only slightly, the float slipped away and I struck into a Carp. The elastic worked brill, obviously Carp don’t fight like they do in the summer so I had no worries getting the fish in, There are some snags on the far bank but it didn’t take me there, so all good. This made John look up like a meerkat on lookout! The net went under what was probably a 6lb Carp. What a great start, now is there any more out there, I thought there would be.

Another 6mm bread punch went on the F1 pellet hook, shipped out to the same spot. Laid the rig in and within seconds the float sailed away and I was into Carp number 2…. Happy Days.

This was landed and I had about 10lb total in my first two casts, John now was extremely interested and feeling he may have sat in the wrong swim,

I do look cold!

Third cast and another 6mm bread punch, I’d been fishing for about 10 minutes so that worked out a pound a minute, not bad going for me! Plonked the float in again, same area where I’d had the previous fish, would you believe it, the float was gone again and I’m holding on to Carp number 3, this one slipped the hook at the net unfortunately and was about 2 and a half pound, one of the stocked fish from the summer I guess.

John now is on the move, heading to the swim to my right…. wanting a piece of the action!

Out I go once more, forth cast, and forth bread punch on the hook (I’d fed nothing) same place, same reaction, the float dipped under the surface I struck and the elastic pulled out of the pole and Carp number 4 was truly hooked. I took my time with this one, firstly because I’d just polled out of the last fish, and secondly it felt bigger than the others, must have been over 6lb this one. As you can tell, we didn’t weigh the fish, just put them straight back.

You get the picture I’m sure, I’d sat on a shoal of Carp and they just loved bread! We fished for about 3 and a half hours and I ended up with seven Carp (lost two), John had one Carp (about 8lb) and some roach all on maggot and pole so he had over 10lb of fish, I gave maggots a go when the bread died off, but had nothing. I should have just plodded on with the bread and I might have had a couple more, we’ll never know.

Foxearth Fisheries is well worth a visit if you fancy fishing a more commercial based venue, there are three lakes to choose from but the Pleasure/Match lake is the most popular and is highly stocked with Carp and Silvers so blanks are very unlikely.

Happy New Year and tight lines to everyone.

Visit https://www.foxearthfishery.com/ for more info on Foxearth Fisheries.