BLOG #1 Pebmarsh Lake Adventure Nov-29th 2020

With match fishing not allowed under COVID rules we’ve had a couple of trips to the River Stour and one to Domsey (the bro and I), all producing a few fish which kept the angling fix going until we match fish again!

This time Pebmarsh lake, on a very still cold November morning. Arriving in the car park about 8am there were quite a few cars parked already, a few people with insomnia about it would seem! We had a look at the lake from the dam wall end, the mist was lifting slowly over the lake, it looked inviting, it’s a good looking lake is Pebmarsh.

A few small fish blipping on the surface, when I’ve been here before, it’s fished well in these conditions, there’s at least 7 or 8 people fishing already, and there could be more coming……. My boots and winter gear on, tackle out of the car in lightning quick time heading toward peg 21which was free before someone beats me to it, it would need to be Usain Bolt mind you, I was out of the blocks and secured my place before you could say “slow down, you’ll probably blank anyway you idiot”

My peg for the day, box in place… Nobody can take my spot now!

My peg for the day

Had my plan of attack before coming, I do that sort of thing…. sad I know, been thinking about it for days. No pole, that’s unusual for me, I’m normally so reliant on the thing, I just wanted/needed to try the waggler and feeder today, so the pole stayed at home. The bait tray was fairly simple, maggots/pinkies/bread/casters a few micros and some ground bait for the feeder (that’s simple for me!), also some wafters and hard pellets. The tackle pre-made up in the ready rod bag, 3 tip rods and a 13′ waggler rod.

Feeder rods ready to go!

First off, feed the 13-15M line with a few maggots and casters (waggler), but I won’t touch it for at least an hour. Then straight out with the popped up bread for the first 30 minutes or so on the bomb, 12” hook length, a size 12 Guru QM1 hook 0.17mm line with a quick stop. 3 disks of bread cast around the swim at about 5 minutes intervals was the plan, just to see what’s out there. Fished this for about 35 minutes, no fish but a couple of line bites out in front slightly to the right at about 18-20M, During this time John (the bro) peg 22 first cast on the pole about 11M had a Carp 11lb 5oz on a single maggot, took sometime to get in on the light elastic but a great start for him, me blanking! There were a few fishing caught opposite and Neil Hood had a least one Carp from peg 20 in the first half an hour. Fish were feeding, that’s a good sign…..It’s early days yet, is often the cry when we’re fishing the club matches and someone is dragging their heels…. me!

John Sutton’s Carp 11lb 5oz

The feeder rig; small cage feeder, twisted boom with a 12” 0.12mm fluorocarbon hook length with a Guru LWGF 16’s hook. Free running feeder of course. This was cast towards where I had the liners, double maggot on the hook and about 6 maggots through the feeder. Second or third cast the tip ripped round and I was in to a carp, it kitted around to my left heading for peg 20 when all of a sudden it went solid, there must be some almighty snag between peg 20 & 21 and it was obvious the fish was long gone, had it on for about 5 minutes, ended up having to pull for a break! On the hour mark I had my first fish, a Roach, Neil to my left probably had a couple of Carp by now and John to my right had nothing after the Carp. I was getting a steady run of Roach on the feeder, still using double red maggot, John started getting a run of Roach on the pole, some nice ones 6-8oz so I’ve a bit of catching up to do.

I’d decided to flick the waggler out after about an hour and a half, where I was putting the feeder (I’d stopped loose feeding) – Drennan insert jobbie (unloaded) 0.11mm hook length (Preston Power) and a 16’s Guru LWGF hook. Bites were instant, plenty of Roach and the odd Rudd, I stayed on this for the next couple of hours switching back to the feeder now and again to top up the feed, Both John and I were catching steady, the guys opposite weren’t catching anything now, that had completely gone dead for them. I spent half an hour on the method feeder same area, a wafter on the hook Guru QM1 14’s with a bait spike, put groundbait and micros around the feeder but had nothing, not even a liner! The rest of the day I switched between the feeder and waggler, the Roach kept coming but they were getting smaller, John next door was having the same on the pole, mind you the weather was getting colder now, so this might have had a bearing on that. Neil on peg 20 ended up with 5 Carp and a Skimmer I understand, so a great day for him, all on the feeder. John had the 11lb Carp and plenty of Roach, small Perch all on the pole. Me.. just a steady stream of small fish, well beaten from both sides but I had a good day fishing the waggler and tip which I don’t always do. Leaving the pole at home made me do something different and I enjoyed my day, except losing the Carp that is. For me it was all about the one that got away!

Net of small fish, which kept me busy!

Lesson learnt:

  1. Get my groundbait and micros right for the method, this wasn’t the case and it just didn’t seem right – I need more time doing this kind of fishing.
  2. There seems to be plenty of fish on the pole line, which is not always the case here.
  3. Sit behind Neil Hood, I might have really learned something then!

Until next time all, tight lines.


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