Senior Match Results Cont #2

Kettle Farm 13th September – 11 fished with over 532Lb weighed in, Barry Sutton (Perm peg 3) narrowly beat Barry Barnbrook (Perm peg 8) 91lb 3oz to 90lb 8oz. Barry S used long pole and pellet waggler, and Barry B had all his fish close in down the edge.

1Barry Sutton91lb 3ozPeg 3
2Barry Barnbrook90lb 8oz8
3Malcolm Jeffery70lb 9oz1
4Kevin Dewsnip60lb 14oz12
5Peter Pound44lb 14oz11
6Tim Sage41lb 13oz4
7John Sutton40lb 12oz6
8Paul Cass33lb 3oz2
9Barry Wells32lb 9oz9
10Trevor Jones25lb 8oz10

Pebmarsh inter-club match vs Paxmans 20th September 2020. 18 fished and again the weights were disappointing. Trevor Jones came out on top from the favoured peg 25.

Colnes WIN101


1Trevor Jones Colnes28lb 11ozPeg 25
2Alan (Paxmans)Paxmans19lb 0ozPeg 6
3Bob (Paxmans)Paxmans14lb 12ozPeg 21
4Tim SageColnes12lb 11ozPeg 4

Boley Road 27th September – 12 fished the match which Dave Partridge won with 3 carp from peg 1 (all caught on the pole!) using sweetcorn hookbait. all other weights consisted of silvers, no other carp were caught.

1Dave Partridge63lb 7ozPeg 1
2Barry Sutton7lb 2oz6
3Kevin Dewsnip6lb 3oz4
4Dick Cheshire5lb 12oz14
5John Sutton4lb 14oz10
6Ron Brewer2lb 5oz2

Kettles Farm 4th October – Another very good return from a cold and wet October day. Tim Sage won it with many pounds to spare from peg 8, Tim started on the method feeder to the island and moved in down the edge on the pole with a couple of hours to go, caught steady all day. A few things didn’t go quite right for a few of the guys, Paul Cass had his umbrella blow into the lake, and both Malcolm and James had rods fly off the rests only to salvage them, James going right in to collect his rod! He sat there soaking wet and no doubt freezing cold. Sorry no pictures, but well worth a mention.

1Tim Sage127lb 7ozpeg 8
2Malcolm Jeffery72lb 9oz10
3Dave Partridge66lb 8oz12
4Barry Sutton47lb 15oz6
5Ron Brewer43lb 10oz7
6James Portway43lb 1oz9
7Kevin Dewsnip37lb 12oz4
8Peter Pound32lb 12oz1
9Paul Cass28lb 13oz11
10Barry Wells26lb 9oz2
11Barry Barnbrook23lb 7oz3
12John Sutton22lb 7oz5

Domsey 11th October – 14 fished where Peter Pound with an easy win from peg 1 using the pole for 41lb 10oz. Ron Brewer came in second from the opposite bank with 17lb 3oz peg 17.

1Peter Pound41lb 10ozPeg 1
2Ron Brewer17lb 3oz17
3James Portway16lb 14oz12
4Mick Murton13lb 12oz10
5Malcolm Jeffery13lb 9oz5
6Trevor Jones9lb 10oz14
7Tim Sage6lb 12oz4
8Barry Wells4lb 9oz7
9John Sutton3lb 2oz8

Pebmarsh 17th October (Pairs Match) The clubs annual pairs match where 8 teams participated – Ron Brewer & Barry Barnbrook winnig with 3 points, Ron won the match indiviually with 47lb 1oz from peg 21, he used a feeder and hard pellet for Carp and Bream

1Ron Brewer & Barry Barnbrook3 points
2John Sutton & Barry Sutton7 points*
3Peter Pound & James Portway7 points

* Higher overall weight

Kettles Farm 25th October 2020 – 13 fished, Tim Sage won again from peg 8 method to the island and down the edge under the tree.

1Tim Sage76lb 4ozPeg 8
2Barry Sutton40lb 3oz3
3John Sutton39lb 2oz9
4Ron Brewer34lb 12oz13
5Kevin Dewsnip32lb 4oz7
6Peter Pound20lb 2oz12
7Barry Wells18lb 15oz2
8James Portway15lb 11oz10
9Barry Barnbrook14lb 11oz5
10Dave Partridge14lb 10oz11
11Trevor Jones11lb 8oz6
12Paul Cass8lb 0oz1
13Malcolm JefferyDNW4

Foxearth Fishery 1st November – Foxearth Fishery, 13 fished on an extremely windy day but everyone caught fish. Kevin Dewsnip took 1st place from peg 4 (left hand lake) fishing a long pole he caught a few carp and silvers for his 24lb 4oz. The next 2 weights were all silvers (right hand lake) whch fell to pole tactics.

1Kevin Dewsnip24lb 4ozPeg 4
2Barry Sutton23lb 2oz18
3Dave Partridge20lb 10oz13
4Peter Pound18lb 7oz6
5John Sutton13lb 0oz1
6Ron Brewer9lb 7oz16
7Malcolm Jeffery9lb 2oz27
8Steve Cort4lb 15oz12
9Paul Cass0lb 10oz14
10Barry BarnbrookDNW21
10Tim SageDNW11
10Trevor JonesDNW2
10James PortwayDNW23

Kettles Farm 6th Dec 2020 – Kevin Dewsnip wins again this time from peg 9 at Kettles – Kevin fished the pole with maggots and corn for his winning weight of 59b 8oz.

1Kevin Dewsnip59lb 8oz peg 9
2Trevor Jones53lb 12oz peg 8
3Malcolm Jeffery39lb 5oz peg 9a
4Dave Partridge33lb 5oz peg 3
5Tim Sage30lb 7oz peg 7
6Barry Sutton19lb 13oz peg 11
7John Sutton16lb 1oz peg 6
8Barry Wells10lb 4oz peg 1
9Paul Cass4lb 2oz peg 12
10Barry BarnbrookDNW peg 2
10Ron BrewerDNW peg 4
10Dick CheshireDNW peg 5
10Peter PoundDNW peg 10

Senior Match Results #3

Boley road 13th june – 9 anglers fished 1 John sutton 18lbs 12oz 2 Kevin dewsnip 12lbs 12oz 3 Ron Brewer 12lbs 6oz