Senior Match Results Continued.

Pebmarsh Club Match 19 July 2020 – 15 fished, Neil Hood won the match from peg 25 with 55lb 8oz mainly caught on the pole down the right edge. Peter Pound came in 2nd with over 40lb from peg 1.

1Neil Hood55lb 8oz
2Peter Pound40lb 14oz
3Barry Barnbrook16lb 8oz
4Tim Sage14lb 10oz
5Trevor Jones11lb 14oz
6Ron Brewer9lb 14oz
7Bill Trundle8lb 9oz
8Barry Sutton8lb 3oz
9Dave Partridge8lb 1oz

Domsey Club Match 2nd August 2020 – 10 fished with James Portway taking first place with 32lb 13oz from peg 1, James used a method feeder along the left side which consisted of all Carp.

1James Portway32lb 13oz
2Tim Sage24lb 10oz
3Dave Partridge20lb 1oz
4Trevor Jones18lb 7oz
5Malcolm Jeffery17lb 5oz
6Barry Sutton6lb 0oz
7Paul Cass4lb 4oz