Work Parties Lakes Closed

BOLEY Road lake closed all day Sunday 1st April 2018

This water although relatively maintenance free will require tree and bush pruning, and maintenance work is required on some of the swims, at the AGM the matter of Otters that had been visiting the water throughout the season was discussed, the committee are now looking in to the possible installation of an Otter fence around the water which will be both costly and labour intensive and would involve the water being closed for more days than the date above, again your help would be much appreciated and this work party also starts at 8am

PEBMARSH  closed Sunday 8th April 2018.

Recent years has seen a great deal of work on pathways, swims and improving drainage around the lake and the installation of a toilet. Two seasons ago saw the creation of two disabled parking bays near the toilet, members are requested to display their blue badge whilst using these bays. All these improvements have greatly enhanced the water and made it an enjoyable venue to fish. This season requires the water being closed for one day for general swim maintenance, tree pruning and to carry out further improvements. Last year saw the introduction of 1000 6” to 8” carp and a further 200 8” to 10” carp at a cost of £2800, this was to both introduce new stock for breeding purposes and replace fish stocks lost due to predators. The work party starts at 8am and your help would be very much appreciated.

DOMSEY Evenings to be arranged.

This water only needs minimal bank clearance, and it is hoped to obtain more bark chippings to spread around the pathways. It is intended to carry this work out over a couple of evenings. These dates will be posted on club notice boards, also on the club Website and Facebook page which incidentally can also be viewed through the club Website.

For further information call Kevin on 07967 165748.

Everyone Welcome