Armed Forces Veteran Registered Blind Sight Impaired Looking for Help to Fish Again

K is an 84 year old armed forces veteran who is registered as blind sight impaired who desperately wants to fish again. He has his own equipment but can no longer drive or see to complete the intricacies of setting up his angling equipment. He has retained some useful sight but not enough to manage on his own. K has a difficult set of family circumstances which requires him to have some respite once a week. This takes place every Wednesday from 09.00hrs to 13.00hrs. Ourselves and K understand that current COVID-19 restrictions will prevent this from happening at the moment, however being proactive we are looking to set this up so as we come out of restrictions and when possible it can begin. If he could only go once a month he would be happy. As a charity we encourage our members to maintain their passion and interest in their past times. K is very deserving of any support that can be offered to him, anyone supporting him will achieve a common goal shared by all of our veterans, victory over blindness.

Support Required

Assisting with the setting up of his equipment

Transport (Fordham Health)

Any Wednesday 09.00hrs to 13.00hrs

Please contact me or send me an e mail if you can help

M: 07704 281 772