Oct 25


On Thursday last, a lady walking at Pebmarsh lake found what she thought was a fisherman’s chair thrown into the hedge. This unsightly rubbish was upsetting to her and she spoke to 2 anglers further down the lake. They went to investigate and discovered a broken ‘bivvy’ abandoned and thrown into the hedge. One of the anglers, with great difficulty, being of a certain age and fitness, managed to drag the remains to the car park area to be disposed of.The person who left this had no thought of the club or other anglers and this was a completely thoughtless action by a selfish person. The club does not want this type of member. Leaving any litter is not only disgusting and bad for the environment, but also reflects badly on other anglers and can lead to the club losing the water. If anyone has any information,  please get in touch with a committee member Thanks to Stan Fox for reporting this, and to Peter Evans for removing the rubbish