Jun 17


With the start of the river season which includes almost six miles of bank, members are advised to be prepared to do some bank clearance to fish the swim they want.With regards to fishing the rivers, most of the RULES & SAFETY MEASURES as posted on our still waters also apply to fishing rivers, and as a refresher on all waters please see the information below.1) Only one member per swim unless from the same household.2) You must keep as much distance as possible from other members at all times and a MINIMUM of 2 meters when passing another member.3) This mainly applies at Domsey but does apply to some swims on other waters. Members are asked for the courtesy and safety of others and themselves to move from their peg to a safe place to socially distance to allow other members to get to their peg or leave.4) You must stay on your peg and not approach other anglers on their peg, ( the only exception to this being bailiffs in carrying out their duties who must also socially distance.)5) No socialising or gatherings in the car park or on swims.6) No members guest tickets will be issued until further notice.7) Members are not allowed to to have any visitors on the water, this includes non fishing person’s.8) Gate codes have been changed for the new season 20/21 season as shown on the new club card which MUST be carried at all times.9) Use gloves or antibacterial wipes / gel before and after handling locks and gates, and in the case of Pebmarsh the toilet.10) No sharing of fishing tackle or other items.11) Anyone who is in the shielding group should not fish the waters.12) Anyone displaying symptoms of Covid 19 or shares a household with someone who is SHOULD NOT fish the waters