May 12

Waters Open!

As from tomorrow morning Wednesday 13th our waters will be open for fishing, a current club card will be required, and the NEW code for Boley Road car park and Domsey Reservoir is printed on the front of the club card. There are rules members need to follow.Only one person per peg unless they are a member of your household.You are to stay on your peg and not approach other anglers on their peg.Maintain social distancing at all times with others in particular in the car park and in traveling to a peg.This mainly applies to Domsey, but also some pegs on other waters. Members are asked for the courtesy and safety of others and themselves to move from their peg to a safe place to socially distance to allow other members to either get to a peg or to leave.Members are advised to sanitise their hands after unlocking and locking padlocks and touching gates.We are currently waiting for clarification on one point from the Angling Trust, and members are asked to read any notices before fishing.At Pebmarsh the willow trees were due to be harvested last autumn, this got put off till the spring, we have just heard from the owner of the water this now will be starting this Thursday 14th. Whilst the water will not be closed, parts of the lake will for safety reasons, and there will be noise disturbance