Mar 18

Pebmarsh 8th April work party

PEBMARSH will be closed on Sunday 8thh April,


Two years ago all the swims on the left hand bank and dam wall were remade to make them safer and longer lasting, the last year we carried out a lot of work on the right hand bank making swims more user friendly and doing away with the suspended walkway which had become dangerous, also creating extra pathways down to the water. We also installed a toilet which has to be maintained and emptied on a regular basis.

This season with enough help we hope to clear the ditch to the left of the car park and up to the left of the lake to help keep the path clear of water, and then to resurface the path, also to do some work on the other side of the bridge on the dam wall which tends to be very wet, also some swims need a little attention and the fence around the toilet needs painting, so please ring Kevin if you can help.