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We’re looking for photos of your favourite captures of the 20/21 season for the front and back of the club Handbook for next season…..
For the front we’re looking for an adult member with a good specimen, that’s a fish not the adult! The Junior members photo will occupy the rear page, again we’d be looking for a good specimen fish. 
We are not necessarily looking for the biggest fish, anything goes; Roach / Perch / Carp / Pike etc but obviously worthy of a photo – a good specimen fish, or in the case of a junior, one they are extremely proud of.
In the first instance please send all photos to baz1960@live.co.uk to include the info below – all pictures will be used on the club website.

The good news: 

Previously caught fish are ok to submit, so if you’ve been sending them in, you’re ahead of the game. The photos will be decided by the committee at the end of January, so you lucky people still have plenty of time to get out there and catch some specimen fish……. Don’t forget to take a photo of it!

The rules, there’s always rules:

Adults, please send photos with your membership number, your name, where caught and weight if known. Juniors will need photos sent in by a parent or guardian giving permission for the photo to be used on the website, and in the handbook, including the child’s age is optional.

We Are

“Colnes Angling Society”

The Colnes Angling Society is a well established club, having celebrated its centenary in 2010. Originally formed for the residents of the four Colnes villages and nearby Chapel, membership is now open to any angler who wishes to join. In 1910 the Society began by renting stretches of the River Colne, however over the ensuing years the Society has acquired the fishing rights to a number of still waters and additional stretches of river. The acquisition of the popular Pebmarsh Lake in the 1970’s saw a rapid growth in membership, which currently stands at around 400. Our club offers excellent fishing, in beautiful locations, for pleasure, specimen and match anglers alike.

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